echoes 1 - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

Easter worship songs are continually getting a makeover, with more and more artists revamping classic hymns and writing new contemporary music focused on this important season. So we have been researching to compile a new list of awesome Easter music and we’re super excited to share with you a selection of our favourite Easter worship songs for 2018. We hope you find something new!

You can also listen to a two hour-long playlist of the Easter music featured here on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer:

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echoes 2 - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

NEW FOR 2018! 1. Matt Maher – The Cross Forever Speaks
Genre: Worship
In recent times, Matt Maher has written some of the most loved worship music out there. This time last year he topped our Easter playlist with the song ‘Because He Lives (Amen)’ and this year he provides a brand new Easter anthem with ‘The Cross Forever Speaks’! This song has become a ‘go-to’ worship song for us and encapsulates the Easter story perfectly.
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mercy road 1 - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

NEW FOR 2018! 2. Worship Central – Praise The Lord (Evermore)
Genre: Worship
Featuring prominently in our Best Worship Songs collection, we also feel that Praise The Lord (Evermore) is perfectly suited to Easter themes of praise and victory. As an upbeat anthem or repetitive a capella chorus, this song would work well in many Easter worship service contexts.
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urshan college - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

NEW FOR 2018! 3. Urshan College – Clean
Genre: Gospel
This rendition of Natalie Grant’s Clean shows the versatility and power of the song in a worship context. It would be a perfect song for an Easter or Gospel choir or as a congregational song. The lyrics are so perfectly suited to the Easter message of redemption, mercy and grace, and it will definitely be added to our Easter worship music repertoire.
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zach williams - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

4. Zach Williams – Chain Breaker (album)
Genre: Singer/Songwriter/Rock
Perhaps not the most obvious choice when you first think of Easter worship songs but we do like to think outside the box! Zach Williams’ lyrics throughout the album lend themselves perfectly to the Easter message. While the title track 'Chain Breaker' is a perfect song to be sung around Easter Sunday, some of the more reflective songs including 'To The Table' would be the perfect addition for Lenten worship and devotions in 2017.
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rend collective good news - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

NEW FOR 2018! 5. Rend Collective – Nailed To The Cross
Genre: Indie / Worship
There has been a real buzz surrounding the latest release from Rend Collective, and Nailed To The Cross would work well in either an Easter or a communion context. The repetitive nature of the chorus lends itself well to congregational singing, and the simple but effective chord progression makes it playable for a wide configuration of worship bands.
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lauren daigle - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

6. Lauren Daigle – How Can It Be?
Genre: Worship
Lauren Daigle took the Song Of The Year accolade at the GMA Dove Awards 2015 for this song – and it is easy to see why. This song lends itself to praiseful, grateful worship and centres itself at the cross. We are reminded in the lyrics what He did for us and why we celebrate this Easter: You plead my cause, You right my wrongs / You break my chains, You overcome / You gave Your life, to give me mine / You say that I am free… How can it be?
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matt redman glory song - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

NEW FOR 2018! 7. Matt Redman – It Is Finished
Genre: Worship
Matt Redman continues to write relevant and transferrable worship music for the church and his latest release ‘Glory Song’ is full of worship anthems with a bit of a celtic edge, inspiring us to raise our voices in praise for Easter and beyond.
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all sons daughters - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

8. All Sons & Daughters – I Surrender
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
All Sons & Daughters have brought us some great releases over the years and much of their work translates well to worship music. ‘I Surrender’ speaks of the personal nature of Easter story, while their entire album is worth a listen for some of the more subtle Easter worship songs on offer. Other songs worth a listen include ‘You Are Love and Love Alone’ and ‘Creation Sings’.
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vigil project - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

9. The Vigil Project – Vigil (Series #1)
Genre: Worship
While The Vigil Project is perhaps one of the least well-known artists in our Easter Worship songs list this year, their place here is more than deserving. 'He Rose Again' lends itself so well to Easter Sunday worship – and is perfectly adaptable for worship teams of all shapes and sizes.
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newsboys - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

10. Newsboys – Hallelujah For The Cross (album)
Genre: Pop / Rock
As a worship leader, I often find myself looking for new music for worship services, and it’s easy to forget how good some old favourite hymns can be for our congregation, especially when given an effective modern twist. These are songs that everyone has grown up with and knows so well. As inspiration, have a listen to the album 'Hallelujah for the Cross' by Newsboys. In fact, we believe so strongly in the effectiveness of giving a makeover to traditional hymns and worship songs, that we have dedicated an entire article and playlist of our favourite modern and re-worked traditional hymns.
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even unto death - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

11. Audrey Assad – Even Unto Death & Inheritance (album)
Genre: Worship / Acoustic
Audrey Assad has to be one of my favourite singer-songwriters and worship leaders. Her recent work really focusses on the cross, the resurrection and really encompasses the spirit and worshipful celebration of Easter. Her album Inheritance contains a collection of beautifully re-worked hymns and is really worth a listen for your personal worship and collective worship this Easter.
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rend collective - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

12. Rend Collective – Your Royal Blood & Joy Of The Lord
Genre: Folk / Worship
From their previous release, these songs by Rend Collective remain as relevant as ever for Easter and we love everything about this album: from their musical style and creativity to their meaningful lyrical messages. From their 2015 album As Family We Go we have included the songs ‘Your Royal Blood’ and ‘Joy Of The Lord’.
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hillsong united 1 - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

13. Hillsong United – Touch The Sky
Genre: Worship
We were so impressed by Hillsong United’s offering to the Christian music scene with their album Empires, which seemed to push the boundaries further and seemed more daring than much of their previous work. (We do love it when bands & artists do something different than what may be expected!) While appropriate for any time of year, their songs fit beautifully in with the Easter message of sacrifice, surrender and praise and alongside ‘Touch The Sky’, we have also included ‘Here Now (Madness)’ in our Spotify playlist.
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anthony skinner 1 - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

14. Anthony Skinner – The Sound That Saved Us All
Genre: Alternative
Drawing inspiration & some lyrics from several traditional hymns, Anthony Skinner has created one of the more interesting ‘modern hymns’ we have heard in a while. We really like his sound & his thoughtful lyrics, which would make a great addition to any Easter Sunday service.
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six - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

15. Shane & Shane – Because He Lives & Revelation Song
Genre: Worship
If you haven’t heard of Shane & Shane, you need to make checking out their work the next thing on your to-do list. They seem to be continually creating beautiful versions of both traditional hymns and also contemporary worship songs, putting their own (excellent!) spin on them. Their version of ‘Revelation Song’ leads you into worship with just a single listen, and the uptempo ‘Because He Lives’ is the best version of this song that we have heard to date.
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kari jobe 1 - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

16. Kari Jobe – Forever
Genre: Worship
This, in my opinion, is one of the best songs released by worship leader Kari Jobe. While this version clearly uses a huge live worship band, it could also work well in a more acoustic style. ‘Forever’ definitely allows for heartfelt worship and remains to be a key Easter anthem that we see coming back year after year.
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african spirit - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

17. Soweto Gospel Choir – Hosanna
Genre: Gospel
If you are looking for Gospel music this Easter, then look no further than the vast collection of music from Soweto Gospel Choir who really showcase the unique and inspirational power of African Gospel music. The song 'Hosanna' is just one of many Soweto Gospel Choir songs perfect for the Easter season.
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israel houghton - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

18. Israel Houghton – You Are Good
Genre: Gospel
Some songs become timeless and we love this song from Israel Houghton. It appears in our worship services and is one of our ‘go-to’ upbeat songs that will get everybody praising joyfully. We definitely plan to use this song as part of our Easter Sunday Worship Service as this song is what Easter is all about: Praise & Worship to our Lord for all He has done.
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good to me 1 - 30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2018

FREE DOWNLOAD! 19. Audrey Assad – Good To Me
Genre: Acoustic
The open-ness (for lack of a better word) of these lyrics, alongside Audrey’s pure vocal and simple instrumentation allow this song to speak in the light of all that He has done for us which we remember this Easter. And what's more, it's a totally free download courtesy of the ever-excellent Noisetrade!
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BONUS! 20. Hezekiah Walker – Every Praise (video by Everton Reid)
And we couldn’t not include this video again this year. If you haven’t seen this video from Everton Reid – you really need to! It encompasses every happiness that we celebrate in the rising of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ on this glorious Easter Sunday. If you do nothing else today, watch this and may it brighten your day…

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