My Journey to Meditation – Music, Mind & Metre

It’s truly satisfying to look back and see all the progress and hard work we’ve accomplished to bring the MindMetro music app to market. We hope you find our app as a useful musical tool and progress in your meditation journey.
Before we get into all of the fun topics surrounding meditation, science, etc, I want to tell you a little bit about my past with meditating.
I happen to discover meditation unexpectedly. I wasn’t much of a spiritual guy, lacked romance, (if you ask my wife) and analytical in orientation. I had little interest in exploring meditation or yoga, even though my friends constantly invited me to join them in classes and retreats. I politely declined their invitations.
One day, it hit me. I was able to meditate to music, without knowing the noun is meditation . I think the best way to explain it is that it was something like an auto-deductive approach to learning meditation. Without knowing the exact explanation, all of these train of thoughts, new awarenesses, an..