My Journey to Meditation – Music, Mind & Metre

It’s truly satisfying to look back and see all the progress and hard work we’ve accomplished to bring the MindMetro music app to market. We hope you find our app as a useful musical tool and progress in your meditation journey.
Before we get into all of the fun topics surrounding meditation, science, etc, I want to tell you a little bit about my past with meditating.
I happen to discover meditation unexpectedly. I wasn’t much of a spiritual guy, lacked romance, (if you ask my wife) and analytical in orientation. I had little interest in exploring meditation or yoga, even though my friends constantly invited me to join them in classes and retreats. I politely declined their invitations.
One day, it hit me. I was able to meditate to music, without knowing the noun is meditation . I think the best way to explain it is that it was something like an auto-deductive approach to learning meditation. Without knowing the exact explanation, all of these train of thoughts, new awarenesses, an..


Who’s MindMetro for?
MindMetro is for people who would like to use music for meditation and sleep. It is for both beginners and experienced meditators. The music is scientifically composed to help you focus, relax, meditate, and sleep.
Can I use MindMetro on my phone & tablet?

Yes, the app is available on both Google & Apple stores and can be downloaded to mobile phones & tablet devices.
How do I start?
To start, find some quiet time. Download the free songs and listen to them while you meditate, use them as a focus point, focus exclusively on the music. Try them out over a few meditation session as familiarity help with focus.
If you’re new to meditation, then try our training audio and video guides in the app and get tips on how to setup your meditation program with music.
Once you’re ready to try more songs, visit the store where you can preview each one. Decide whether your looking for a bundle of songs or singles. Each bundle and song comes in two track lengths of 20 and 4..

What is Meditation? – Part 1

Meditation is curious, the scientist in me looks for answers and the engineer in me looks for solutions.

The science of brain entrainment was definitely a curiosity for me.
I like to look at science when I come across something I don’t understand. It’s not necessarily the only approach, but for me, it usually provides solid answers. Keep in mind though, science doesn’t always have the answers to everything, as things exist in the meta-physics as well.
Did I find answers to meditation in Science?
The short answer is no, not really, but that’s not being fair to all the wonderful research being done by creative neurologists and other scientists around the world on the meditating brain. We know a lot about meditation in neurology but still in the early stages of research.
Let’s begin discussing and learning. Or at least be a little more scientifically aware:
Brainwaves Basics – Neurons, Oscillations and Electrical Pulses:
(beautiful baby two months old relaxed listening music.

What is Meditation? – Part 2

If you have not read part 1, click here
Girl practicing mindfulness meditation outdoor in a park.
In the last post we discussed a little science as well as the ancient roots of meditation within religions, to its emergence in pop culture within western cultures. For example, the transcendental meditation movement which The Beatles followed.
Meditations and prayer are strong partners and connect us to our spirituality. There are others that see meditation separate to their religion or faith.
Loving and Kindness
Girl in the Park. Yoga at sunset in the park. Girl is practicing yoga.
The spirit can be seen as existing on levels of “consciousness” or “enlightenment.” Whether there are 4,5,6 or any other number, the basic idea is for your levels to rise to gain traits of enlightenment. Again, without adopting any school of thought, we can all understand this in our personal lives. Are we stressed? Jealous? Frustrated? Greedy or lazy? What will make you better? What is your pass to enli..

What is Meditation? – Part 3

If you have not read part 2, click here
Now that we’ve covered a bit of background in relation to meditation, it’s time to talk heart to heart.
Many candles burning in red candle holders at night closeup
I see the body, including the brain, as our physical state. Our brain is involved in all facets of our thoughts, feelings, memories and more. This is all physically managed through chemical reactions, which is amazing. But, what about the “mind” or “psych” or any other term for “me” or our “meta-psychical” self.
I like to call it our “spirit” (and I don’t mean the cartoon type ).
Ancient Origins to Pop Culture
Japanese traditional red umbrella with autumn tree
To discuss the spiritual side of meditation, we need to go back, way back. It’s a very old practice to sit and meditate. Not surprising if you ask me. It’s a natural activity that some just discover, like I did by mistake, while others are taught by others.
The first written recording of the practice goes back to Sanskrit..

What is Meditation? Part 4

As per our last post, click here, meditation is good for the spirit, but not only for the spirit its beneficial for the mind & body.
In blog on science, click here, we know that meditation has a relationship with brainwaves and neurons generate electrical pulses that can be measured using EEG, Electroencephalogram. They changed when we meditate. So what’s next? Or as Miles Davis would say, “So What.”
There is an interesting body of research that has accumulated in the last decade or so, that shows the wonderful benefits of meditation on human health. When you increase your time in the meditative state, giving your brain more time where it can generate meditative brainwaves, your health (body, mind and spirit) benefits.
Meditation is Good!

People who meditate will tell you it’s beneficial, but now we have scientific proof by neurologists and scientists around the world.
The most obvious benefit of meditation is stress relief. Research proves meditation lessens stress by inducing th..

Top Three Places To Meditate Around The House

It’s no secret that we all have a busy schedule. Between work, family, friends, a social life, and more, we always seem to be in motion. If you’re like us and feel the need to mediate as much as possible, where do you find the time?
Well, it’s simple. There are many convenient places you can meditate on the go for a quick 10-20 minute session. This post is to help you find the perfect place to relax.
A three week old baby boy
In Bed – When you wake up in the morning, there’s no better time to get in a simple meditation session. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced meditator, you can easily complete a 20 minute session before getting ready to start your morning. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed for the day ahead.
Father and daughter do yoga on the grass in the Park
In Nature – Whether you take 20 minutes or an hour, feeling at one with nature is a wonderful serene feeling. Sit on your front porch, under a tree, or perch yourself on a swing in your backyard. There’s nothing bet..